Girona Barcelona Golf School

Around for about 52 years, the Golf Girona Barcelona School provides immersive range & on-course programs that stress the fundamentals while also pushing hands-on training and classroom instruction.

We also provide training in the psychology of Golf—i.e., learning about de-stressing exercises; not letting your opponent(s) psyche you out; learning not to swear every time you miss the ball or dig out too many divets; learning to apologize every time you lose your grip on a club, thus accidentally letting it hit the instructor or one of your fellow students; getting upset because you forgot to use the rest rooms before teeing off; etc.

The point is that becoming a good player involves more than just hitting the ball accurately and far. It also involves learning and practicing proper golf etiquette, remembering that playing isn’t worth it if you aren’t having fun, and striving to become a better person, not just a better golfer.

Our tightly designed greens are a challenge even for skilled golfers; still, the fairway offers players of all levels something to learn. First, tee off at the first hole’s small pond and end up at out 361 yard par 4 dogleg, requiring a long to mid iron. If you love Mother Nature, you’ll like it here. If you’re allergic to pollen and green things, well, bring your anti-histamines and your inhaler.

Groups & Businesses We’ve Hosted

Many businesses, nonprofits, clubs, schools, government agencies, and professional organizations have used our facilities. Reward your employees/staff with a day of relaxation, golf playing or golf lessons.

Or start a tournament competition for rivals in your industry, your neighborhood or classmates.

Please note that not just private groups but Fortune 500’s top companies, clubs, professional associations, nonprofits, government agencies, religious groups, annually held symposiums & seminars, etc.—representatives from all of these organizations, special events and industries–have used the facilities (and services offered) at Golf Girona Barcelona School.

Some of the groups, individuals or organizations that have used our facilities are mentioned below, check out the list:

Not only do we offer special rates for groups, but we also conduct special promotions which may help promote your business, cause, or special interests. For, example, we have sponsored or supported special Scrambles and Golf Tournaments in the past on behalf of cancer, hunger, homelessness, better pay for women, providing more programs for the unemployed, etc.

Information Relating to Our Students, Instructors & Facilities

The Golf Girona Barcelona School is open to everyone, including children, women, seniors and even the disabled, if they can physically avail themselves of any of our services. Our students, furthermore, have access to not just our instructional services, but to our superbly-designed 18-hole golf course (open for public and club member use), as well as to the many special events wer sponsor and host.

Our instructors are all highly-experienced, motivated and skilled. All have been on the PGA Tour and/or have won major events. You can be sure to receive top-notch instruction from these vested professionals.

Some of the areas we provide instruction in or can help with include:

  • The best way to hold clubs and how to get ready for swings
  • How to get the ball close to the hole: pitching, chipping, & other short distance shots
  • Perfecting the full swing
  • Using irons to achieve great distance
  • Learning the language of Golf
  • Using drivers to achieve the longest shots
  • Starting play from proper tee markers
  • Short cuts to take while playing
  • Putting individual lessons into a full game
  • How to play in groups and teams
  • How to become comfortable/confident playing against better players
  • What are the rules; how to keep score

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