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Any Computer Problems?We Will Help
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Girona Barcelona
Golf School

on-course programs

Around for about 52 years, the Golf Girona Barcelona School provides immersive range & on-course programs that stress the fundamentals while also pushing hands-on training and classroom instruction.

We also provide training in the psychology of Golf—i.e., learning about de-stressing exercises; not letting your opponent(s) psyche you out; learning not to swear every time you miss the ball or dig out too many divets; learning to apologize every time you lose your grip on a club, thus accidentally letting it hit the instructor or one of your fellow students; getting upset because you forgot to use the rest rooms before teeing off; etc.

The point is that becoming a good player involves more than just hitting the ball accurately and far. It also involves learning and practicing proper golf etiquette, remembering that playing isn’t worth it if you aren’t having fun, and striving to become a better person, not just a better golfer.

Our tightly designed greens are a challenge even for skilled golfers; still, the fairway offers players of all levels something to learn. First, tee off at the first hole’s small pond and end up at out 361 yard par 4 dogleg, requiring a long to mid iron. If you love Mother Nature, you’ll like it here. If you’re allergic to pollen and green things, well, bring your anti-histamines and your inhaler.

Groups & Businesses We’ve Hosted

Many businesses, nonprofits, clubs, schools, government agencies, online gambling companies and professional organizations have used our facilities. Reward your employees/staff with a day of relaxation, golf playing or golf lessons.

Or start a tournament competition for rivals in your industry, your neighborhood or classmates.

Please note that not just private groups but Fortune 500’s top companies, clubs, professional associations, nonprofits, government agencies, religious groups, annually held symposiums & seminars, etc.—representatives from all of these organizations, special events and industries–have used the facilities (and services offered) at Golf Girona Barcelona School.

Some of the groups, individuals or organizations that have used our facilities are mentioned below, check out the list:

Not only do we offer special rates for groups, but we also conduct special promotions which may help promote your business, cause, or special interests. For, example, we have sponsored or supported special Scrambles and Golf Tournaments in the past on behalf of cancer, hunger, homelessness, better pay for women, providing more programs for the unemployed, etc.

Information Relating to
Our Students, Instructors & Facilities

The Golf Girona Barcelona School is open to everyone, including children, women, seniors and even the disabled, if they can physically avail themselves of any of our services. Our students, furthermore, have access to not just our instructional services, but to our superbly-designed 18-hole golf course (open for public and club member use), as well as to the many special events wer sponsor and host.

Our instructors are all highly-experienced, motivated and skilled. All have been on the PGA Tour and/or have won major events. You can be sure to receive top-notch instruction from these vested professionals.

Some of the areas we provide instruction in or can help with include:

  • The best way to hold clubs and how to get ready for swings
  • How to get the ball close to the hole: pitching, chipping, & other short distance shots
  • Perfecting the full swing
  • Using irons to achieve great distance
  • Learning the language of Golf
  • Using drivers to achieve the longest shots
  • Starting play from proper tee markers
  • Short cuts to take while playing
  • Putting individual lessons into a full game
  • How to play in groups and teams
  • How to become comfortable/confident playing against better players
  • What are the rules; how to keep score

Golf Sport

Golf is undeniably one of the most famous forms of sports all around the world. The game involves two basic components, namely the ball and the club. Players use clubs of different sizes to hit balls that ensure that they go into specified holes. This sport is mainly played by adults and has a huge fan following all around the globe. So, what makes Golf a distinguished sport from the others? Well, one of the main reasons is that it does not require a standardized area for playing, i.e., terrains of different types can be used as a field for the game. Just like other forms of sports, there are different formats of golf games as well. Coming to the objective of the game, the player needs to put the ball in the hole by using as few strokes as possible.

Why is the game so loved, you ask? Well, the game of Golf is loved for various reasons. Firstly, this game brings people together. Be it family get-together or brunch weekends, Golf brings everyone together. When it comes to professional Golf, it instilled a sense of discipline in the golfer, and for the audience, the whole game is a treat to watch. Thirdly, the game gives a very good opportunity to connect and become one with nature itself. So you see, the game has more than a few accolades to its name.

Golf enthusiasts

Golf enthusiasts are present all around the world. There are millions of people who enjoy watching a good game of Golf live on their televisions or other smart devices. Golf, whether pursued professionally or casually, can be a very fun and enlightening experience. The game, even though it seems very simple to the audience, it actually requires laser-like focus and immense precision when it comes to striking the ball. To master the art of this game, there are various golf schools present, each of which not only teaches how to play the game of Golf but also make the process fun, endearing and interesting. Girona Barcelona Golf School tops the list of golf schools.

Girona Barcelona High School has been the business for more than five decades now. The school offers top-tier classes as well as specialized programs that mainly emphasize the fundamentals of Golf. In addition to emphasizing the basics, our school also provides hands-on training as well as classroom instructions to the students.

Simply training is not enough, which is why we also offer special training classes which teach about the psychology behind the sport of Golf. The curriculum includes – exercises that teach how to let go of stress, not letting your opponent/s get on your nerves, apologizing when your hand loses grip on the club, lessons about controlling your anger and not swearing, controlling your mind when you make simple mistakes, etc. All these exercises and training programs help the candidate to understand and value the game and its ethics.

What makes a player good at his game? The process of betterment and the outcome is not only about striking the ball precisely so that it reaches its target accurately but also about learning as well as practising essential etiquettes. There is no point in playing Golf if you are not having fun while playing. Emphasis should not only be laid on becoming a good golfer, but also a better person.

We have tightly-green playing areas, which can be a challenge for even the skilled golfers. However, the fairway provides something to learn for players belonging to all experience groups.If you are someone who deeply admires the beauty that mother nature offers, you will not be disappointed by coming to us. Even if you are allergic to certain items such as pollen grains or other green things, you need not worry because we will provide you with antihistamines in addition to an inhaler.

We feel proud while stating that we have collaborated with several business organizations, Nonprofits clubs, agencies of government, etc. You too can reward your employees by coming to us for a day and enjoying various golfing lessons that we offer. We have also hosted some of the biggest companies, agencies, non-profit organizations, religious groups, etc. who have been listed in the prestigious Fortune 500 list. We have had the pleasure of hosting Berkshire Hathaway, The Coca Cola Company, Tesla Automobile Corporation, etc.

We believe in developing healthy professional relationships, which is why we offer classes at extra-special rates for groups. In addition to this, we also conduct uniquely specialized promotions that are proven to elevate your business, cause as well as special interests. For instance, we have sponsored several tournaments for Scramble as well as Golf for supporting important causes such as cancer, hunger, poverty, equality in pay for women, etc.

Our Golf School can be attended by everyone, i.e., women, children, aged people, disabled people, etc. We also provide our students with complete access to an exceptionally-designed golf course in addition to numerous instructional services. The instructional services that we provide can assist you and teach you several important golf-related lessons, such as holding a club properly and getting ready to swing it, mastering the art of swing, shortcut methods, etc.

Golf School

You might be thinking – Why choose Girona Barcelona Golf School? Well, in terms of ambience, Girona is one of the best places in Spain, and it is extremely famous for its greenery. Lush greenery complimented by a clear climate. Our golf school is a representation of how fun gets mixed with nature’s beauty. We offer different types of classes for our students, such as one-on-one classes, where the instructor focuses on a single student. Similarly, we also offer basic, middle of the road and advanced classes. So you see, there are tons of classes designed for training individuals at every aspect of the game. Right from learning the basic strokes to mastering advanced swings – we have classes for all aspects of the game.All of the classes are readily waiting for you. So why procrastinate? Contact us by emailing us and get started with learning Golf from today.