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History of the Golf Girona Barcelona School

The story is–although this has not been confirmed with 100% certainty–that 4 of Golf’s all-time greatest players got together around 1965 in order to put together a golf school. All of them were constantly being pestered by people who wanted to know what they could do in order to become as good as these men had become.

Although they periodically gave away tips and guidelines, they were not thrilled about the inconvenience of giving lessons on the run to total strangers. In order to deal with this problem, these 4 men decided to start and sponsor a golf teaching academy. This was not about fame, which they already had plenty of, but about helping people learn about golf.

Accordingly, whenever strangers asked them for tips, they would hand them a coupon and brochure for the school. “Wanna learn about Golf?” they would ask their biggest fans, “Then check out this great golf school in Girona, Spain. And here’s a coupon for 50% off any of their services and packages.”

And, to this day, the thousands of people that have come to master Golf at this school in Girona, Spain came because they heard, or were told, that the school had been sponsored by 4 of the greatest names in Golf.

Officially, they have come to learn about Golf but, inwardly, they have come to stand in the shade (both physically and metaphorically) of Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Gary Player, & Lee Trevino. As for the “literal shades,” right by the front gate leading to the pristine greens guarded by an 8 foot fence surrounding the whole complex are pewter and marble statues of these 4 Golf “heroes.” At 10 feet tall, these statues stand out, readily offering a shade to any that stand nearby.

Our tightly stationed greens are a challenge even for skilled golfers; still, the fairway offers players of all levels something to learn. First, tee off at the first hole’s small pond; end up at out 361 yard par 4 dogleg, requiring a long to mid iron. If you love Mother Nature, you’ll like it here. If you’re allergic to pollen and green things, well, bring your anti-histamines and your inhaler.

Benefits of Attending Our School

  1. Be taught by some of the most talented/experienced teachers.
  2. Get personal and group instruction; learn at your own pace.
  3. Work on your weaknesses while you practice fundamentals.
  4. Save money at Girona—our prices are lower than most Golf schools.
  5. You don’t have to bring you own equipment—we’ve got you “covered.”

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