Krooncasino Employees Participating Golf Tournament

The Golf Girona Barcelona School provides many different classes, including special golfing courses for companies. There are a lot of different companies that are interested in our special company offers. The Golf Girona Barcelona School likes to teach employees the importance of outdoor activities, teambuilding and mastering the skill of golfing. People that are working in an office environment need to sit behind their computer the entire working day. This way of working can cause complications, since sitting behind a desk is not a natural position for your body. This is why it is so important to continue exercising and why you should consider to visit the gym more. Golf Girona Barcelona offers special golf trainings, where we will put the focus on loosening the specific muscles.

A few weeks ago, the company bonus zonder storting contacted our golfing school in order to sign up for the company program. They are now focusing more on the healing office concept and wanted to offer their employees a nice training program. In this program, employees can learn how to depend on others, which can be very important during projects as well. Krooncasino is a well known online casino and that is also the reason why we offered our program in the first place. Our marketing team arranged an introduction film of our golfing program and had send the film to the headquarters of Krooncasino. They immediately responded by sending our school an email and that is how the first collaboration started. Now months later, we are still providing a weekly training for all of the employees and can already see a lot of improvement.

The people from Krooncasino came up with an idea to motivate the team. They really wanted to participate the upcoming golf tournament in Girona. The Golf Girona Barcelona School believed that this could be a great way to motivate everybody to join in. After signing up for the tournament, we upgraded the amount of trainings to three times a week. It was hard work, but it eventually paid off. The employees managed to control their golfing skills and we noticed a lot of improvements. After working together for 12 full weeks, the team of Krooncasino was ready to join their first tournament. It went great and there was even one staff member that managed an outstanding score. There were a lot of companies participating during this event, so the level wasn’t too difficult for beginners. The team had a great time, which could be noticed by the way they started playing. The tournament ended with a victorious drink with the entire time.

The combination of team building with a workout is the ideal situation for every office environment. As an employer, it is your responsibility to let your staff exercise on a regular basis so that they can improve their body in to a healthy condition. In that way, you can make sure that the absenteeism will be lowered and the productivity will increase within your company. In the end, everybody will benefit of this kind of team building. Are you also interested in working together with Golf Girona Barcelona? Or are you interested in our customized program? Please get in touch with our school in order to discuss the possibilities