Why Girona

What Makes Girona Special?

With a population of about 100,000 and a rich history that goes back several thousand years, Girona is not too far away from Barcelona, the Capital of Spain, or Catalonia. Once a part of the Roman Empire, Girona is a hidden gem for tourists–many of whom miss on out on adding Girona to their tours simply because it’s not as famous as other towns.

Why Come to Girona to Learn about Golf?

Because it isn’t as well known or busy as Barcelona, Girona’s pace and ambiance is slower, more peaceful—an ideal setting to perfect your “swing”–which will make you, what, a great “Swinger?”

After your 18th hole’s Golf lesson, let yourself unwind as you check out the many bars, cafes, restaurants, Tattoo parlors, manicure and pedicure shops, gymnasiums, flower shops, bakeries, computer repair joints, nightclubs and donut shops. So maybe you could have had a better score on the greens?

But don’t worry . . . Girona’s ancient, moon-struck haunts will let you splash into sweet-smelling evenings, caressed by inviting breezes. As you walk during the evenings, you will maybe get a sense of how old this place is and what magnificent history propels the shadows all around you. Maybe they held Gladiator games near the same place where you will be playing “Golfinator” games.

The point is that Girona provides lots of fun, relaxing and entertaining places to visit at night after a hard day of playing golf. This should rejuvenate you so that you can go back to the “greens” on the next day. You can find other good golf schools in other parts of the world but the one in Girona Barcelona offers you a full package of learning, fun, excitement and, to boot, personal growth.

As for how to get about in Girona, there are trains and buses to and from Girona—or you can take a cab or rent a car, though walking is both healthy and practical in this old city. Be mindful, though, that streets are mostly cobbled and there are steep stone stairs to exercise on in a city mostly sitting on a hill. For that reason, don’t carry any heavy bags around and, by all means, leave your golf clubs and playing equipment at the hotel or wherever else you stay while in Girona.

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